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Souvenir has had a profound influence on Australian performance horses, particularly jumping horses.


Name: Souvenir

Colour: Grey

Height: 16.3 hands

Born: November, 1959

Place: Victoria, Australia

Sire: Request

Dam: Nina

Died: 1970

Breeder: Howard Clark

Awards: Champion Led & Ridden Stallion, Melbourne Royal

Specialising in: Eventing, Showjumping

Breeds: Australian Performance Horse, Australian Sport Horse, Thoroughbred.


Download Souvenir bloodline here....Souvenir. pdf

Stallion Souvenir

Last known footage of Souvenir and Supreme


Koyuna Stud Historic Footage

Stallion Souvenir

Koyuna Stud was founded on the Souvenir bloodline, good breeding and the ability of the thoroughbred as a modern day sport horse. 

Koyuna have had horses by Souvenir or of his bloodline, compete or be selected to compete in 10 consecutive Olympic Games!

Koyuna Stud prides itself on the achievements of the Souvenir bloodline, a bloodline whose ability has been passed on through many generations yet still retains that stamp of excellence.  We possess an unbroken bloodline line back to Souvenir and continue to breed performance horses that are sought after on both the Australian and international markets.


As a boutique stud (we do not accept outside mares) our aim is to breed superior performance horses from our select group of homebred mares, for the serious equestrian competitor.

Koyuna Stud has bred horses or whose bloodline have competed in or been selected for 10 Olympic games, and is considered by many to be one of the most successful eventing stud in history.


Our stallions include:

Koyuna Quarterback, who is related to Souvenir on both his dam and sire lines.


Koyuna Linebacker  An exciting  young stallion whose first crop were born in 2015. Koyuna Linebacker is by koyuna Quarterback and out of our purpose bred mare Koyuna Redback. Koyuna Redback is by Koyuna Genesis (Brilliant Invader/ Souvenir) and out of Annie, Koyuna's Beautiful big TB mare who carries the Sir Tristram lines




Koyuna and proud of it !


This group of amazingly successful horses were all bred by Koyuna over a six year period