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Collection of various newspaper and magazine clippings that have references to Koyuna Stud and its horses

Koyuna Stud

Victoria’s popular rural newspaper,The Weekly Times, regularly features articles on the success of Koyuna Stud horses.

  1. Koyuna’s Show success (local copy)

  2. Koyuna’s success runs hot (local copy)

  3. Clark’s games dream closer (local copy)

  4. Wendy Schaeffer looks abroad (local copy)

  5. Amanda, Sam eye Olympic Games (local copy)

  6. Becky Flies High in Adelaide (local copy)

Koyuna-bred horses, or horses with Koyuna bloodlines have featured in most Australian horse magazines over the years and here we’ll be including as many old articles and photos as we can find.

If you have any photos or news articles about Koyuna-bred horses, or horses with Koyuna bloodlines, we’d love to hear from you!